It’s nice to meet you.

Me in my natural habitat. Taken by Jaclyn Le Photography

Me in my natural habitat. Taken by Jaclyn Le Photography


Hi, I’m Ian Teraoka.

I began my post-grad life working in the digital marketing sector. As much as I enjoyed executing and strategizing Search, Social and Display, I always felt the need to do something more creative. UX Design was always somewhat of a “grandiose vision” of mine, but I didn’t do anything about it until I enrolled into the General Assembly part-time course. The more I talked to other designers and studied it, the more I started to really believe I fit the mindset of a UX designer.

After completing GA, I started working on a number of projects that tested my otherwise textbook learnings, putting me into situations that I was constantly juggling to both learn and give direction. Working on multiple wireframe iterations, managing constant shifts in product development to re-align MVP’s, and struggling to achieve relative competency in visual design and interaction animation, I met my match working part time at Traversal, all the while managing to somehow stay afloat and work my full time at Facebook doing digital marketing.

Today, I’ve gotten to a place where I can actually show my portfolio to others in order to find my next step in my UX and Product Design career. It’s been a journey learning and prioritizing my life and all the things I do: UX Design, Marketing, Photography, Dance, etc., but I don’t regret a single moment of it.





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