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Most visa applications take place through travel agencies, take weeks to process and are unnecessarily expensive. AriaDirect aims to condense this process into a versatile, standalone travel platform.

Given a unique opportunity to connect with various consulates, AriaDirect is able to expedite the visa application process and send it straight to review, greatly reducing the pain point for business travelers.

I worked as the sole UX designer with a team of developers overseas, working on the iOS and web applications.

You can download the app here.


AriaDirect Current Clients



The Problem


How might we simplify the visa application process?


Visa applications are often a tedious process. Going through forms is an ordeal, and requires multiple items to be collected in order to submit. AriaDirect aims to centralize this process into a cohesive app.



The Process


Simplifying the Visa Application Process

Categorizing Visa Types

The visa application process for many countries is a complicated and time consuming task. In Vietnam (our first visa application market), there are roughly 20 different visa types, most of which can be condensed into a few categories with tiers based on entry type, duration, and purpose. We simplified the decision process by categorizing these visas into tiers based on time sensitivity and requirement uniqueness.


Condensing the Application

We condensed the process into 5 main steps based off commonalities. These steps were comprised of entry form sections that would be parsed into the actual application on the backend, and sent directly to the consulate. 

Application User Flow.png

Once simplifying the process, I worked with engineering to identify which sections in the form adhered to each section. Based on the Tesler’s Law however, and since we only had a limited amount of engineering resources, in order to push design to production in time, I had to optimize the design in order to making sure it was easy enough for engineering to develop. Certain interactions such as animations, etc. had to be compromised to simplify the design.


Identifying Supporting Features

Facilitators and Reminders

We added features centered around the Visa Application process, categorized into Facilitators and/or Reminders. Facilitators would help a user reduce the amount of time needed to complete an application, while Reminders would instigate repeated usage:

Feature Analysis V2.png


Current Features

Feature 1.png

Application User Flow


Simplified Visa Applications

Applications All In App

Business travelers often complain about the lengthy visa application process. AriaDirect has simplified it into 6 steps, allowing users to submit the form in less than 5 minutes.

User Flow.png

Visa Status Updates

Keep Track of Applications

After submitting an application, AriaDirect will help keep track of status updates, from approvals to delivery. AriaDirect will also reach out to users if an application is rejected to help correct any errors.

Visa Status.png
Scan Passport.png

Passport Scan

Reducing Input Time

Passport Scans will greatly decrease the time it takes to input details. AriaDirect has engineered a way to identify a majority of the fields simply by scanning or uploading a passport. AriaDirect also doesn’t store passport photo data to avoid privacy issues.


Visa Check

Quick Visa Lookups

Not all countries need a visa based on your details. AriaDirect provides a quick lookup to see if the country you’re visiting needs a visa for entry.

Visa Check Mock.png


Initial Results and Feedback


We’re currently finalizing a formal launch for our iOS and web services; however, we have done some early testing with our clients. Initial qualitative feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we’ve been able to successfully reduce the visa approvals time from 2 weeks to less than 2 days.

  • “My position requires me to travel to India on occasion and a travel Visa is also required. AriaDirect makes this process very simple. All that is required is to answer a few questions and to send in the passport. In a short amount of time the passport is returned with the necessary Visa attached to the passport. I highly recommend this process to anyone needing a travel Visa.”

  • Among the many visa service companies, AriaDirect stands out for its high efficiency. AriaDirect currently covers most popular countries in Asia and Europe. The entire visa application can be completed on line through a user-friendly app. When I needed to travel to Vietnam under a very short notice, AriaDirect was able to get me a visa in less than 30 minutes. I was very happy with the service and highly recommend AriaDirect.



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